6 Condos in Singapore with Unique Conserved Buildings

6 Unique Condos with Unique Conserved Buildings
6 Unique Condos with Unique Conserved Buildings

Singapore condos are quite amazing. In addition to the facilities, there could be a historic landmark lurking within the unique developments in Singapore. Here are six existing condominiums incorporating preserved buildings within the complex. Some become clubhouses and common areas, while others become beautiful homes for a lucky few.

The Red House

Located on the Katong heritage site, The Red House is an iconic red store that many Singaporeans have fond memories of, as it was home to the acclaimed Katong Bakery and Confectionery from 1925 to 2003. Unfortunately, the kitchen of pastry no longer exists. But the iconic country house has been preserved and rebuilt into an improvement in the retail living arrangement with 42 condo units and a retail wing. The Red House part of the apartment suite has three units; Aside from the 2-bedded units within an attached 5-story obstacle, there are ten 613-829-square-foot units on the second floor of the stores and four space units on the second floor of the original red house. It is situated in the center of a central point of a movement that, however, has a calm and relaxed atmosphere.

A Treasure Trove

A Treasure Trove is worked with Matilda’s preserved house, the main remaining historical house in Punggol, as her clubhouse. The house was made in 1902 by Alexander Cashin.  But in 2000, the Urban Redevelopment Authority saw enough historical value at Matilda House to designate it for preservation. The site, including the home, was made available for purchase in 2010 for an apartment suite upgrade. A Treasure Trove is a moderately new upgrade located just a five-minute walk from Waterway Point and Punggol MRT Station.
Duchess at St. Patrick’s

It has two Victorian-style cottages that were developed in 1914 and 1925, but the condo itself was completed in 2010. The bungalows have been incredibly restored, with details, for example, window details from Peranakan Arabesque glass and vintage brass handles. The larger of the two cottages is now the apartment suite clubhouse, while the other now converts to two super stylish 5-bedroom, 6,958 square feet. Since then, units have been leased for around $ 11,000 per month! Notably, the upgrade is organized within 1 km of reputable schools, including Ngee Ann Primary and Tao Nan Primary. A big draw for potential buyers of this apartment suite is the upcoming Marine Terrace MRT, which will provide residents of Grand Duchess in St. Patrick’s with MRT at the door.

Tan Chin Tuan Mansion

This modern condo incorporates a sizeable Victorian mansion originally inherent in 1926.  The villa was aboriginally worked for the late philanthropist Tan Kah Kee. It was later offered to the late Tan Sri Tan Chin Tuan, a prominent financier in the region. Today, the mansion is filled as the clubhouse and living room of the ultra-modern apartment suite that is associated with it. Meanwhile, the estate is magnificently restored, maintaining its outstanding architectural and configuration details, such as its teak doorways and paneling, as well as Art Noveau-inspired terrazzo tiles. The ceiling of the room above the patio features beautiful plaster cornice work. Situated as an extravagant living arrangement, Tan Chin Tuan Mansion only has 16 units, and each group occupies an entire floor. It is within walking distance of the Orchard shopping center, one of the most important private neighborhoods in Singapore.

The Aristo @ Amber

Already owned by the Cashin family, the preserved building at 23 Amber Road used to be nicknamed the “House of Butterflies,” so named because the back of the house had two folded extensions that looked like a pair of Butterfly wings. The wings were erased when the building was converted to a skyscraper condominium called The Aristo @ Amber, but the sheet metal and front yard have been preserved.

Meyer Place

Developed in the Chinese-Peranakan style, this preserved multi-story home within the Meyer Place condo is available to be purchased at the time of writing. The architectural features of the house are a secure gallery over the patio area and a three-story octagonal segment complete with a striking conical roof.

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