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  • Review of The Watergardens at Canberra Launching in 2021 by CDL and Kheng Leong

    The Watergardens at Canberra Singapore offers the best of Singapore accommodations at competitive prices. Choose from deluxe apartments to serviced condominiums in all price ranges to suit any pocket. Come and enjoy our friendly hospitality at this prime location in the city. Located conveniently at the corner of Canberra Road and Canberra Estate Road, The Watergardens at Canberra condominium is a short walking distance from Canberra MRT station and Canberra Plaza. Take a leisurely stroll down to admire the colourful markets filled with local produce, or enjoy one of our amazing shopping centres. The Watergardens at Canberra is launching soon in 2021. Please see review of The Watergardens at Canberra by UOL Group and Kheng Leong

    Choose from deluxe apartments to serviced apartments to condominiums, you are sure to find one that suits your lifestyle. The Watergardens at Canberra have been designed to give you a living experience you will …

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  • Using Your Hard Earned Sweat Money to Get 125% Equity Loan

    A 125% equity loan or 125% home equity line of credit enables one to borrow up to 125% of the value of one’s home or equity in one’s home. Popular now, 125% equity loans allow people to borrow to pay for college, home improvements, pay off credit card debts and even purchase new properties. The downside of the 125% equity loan is that it is so appealing that some people end up borrowing over their heads.

    This Lending Network offers customized, competitive home equity, second mortgage, and refinance rates on loans up to 125% of the appraised value of your home.

    Many lenders are willing to lend borrowers up to 125% of the home’s value, minus the first mortgage’s balance. This can be used for loan consolidation or for other priorities such as buying a new car. The 125% LTV or Loan-To-Value really took off in 1997 as has never …

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  • What Not To Do When Search For Your Property

    There is a long list of things that people need to do when they are looking to buy a home; however, it is also important for people to know what to avoid as this process unfolds. There is a lot for people to remember and it is easy for people to get carried away when they start looking at their dream homes. Even though it is great to look at a bunch of houses and imagine living there, it is critical for people to stay grounded and know what to avoid.

    One of the biggest mistakes people make when they are looking at buying a home is they open their wallets too big. If people end up taking on other big purchases, they end up accruing more debt. This is going to mess up their debt to income ratio and will make it harder for people to qualify for a …

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  • Credit Score That is Needed for Group Captive Insurance

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    The recent Covid-19 episode has put alot of stress on business and therefore many businesses are looking at ways to secure their business with insurance. A good credit score is needed to keep premiums low as well. In those recent years the credit becomes the backbone of the fast economical growth of the society and main product of the current economical market. So there are two aspects of every credit deals in which one is the borrower and the other is a lender or any financial institution. When a borrower apply for getting a loan or credit card the lender will try to know about the borrower’s creditworthiness from any third party.

    These third party agencies are the credit rating companies or bureau who collects information from their various sources and after that they provide it to the all lending institutions and banks. The credit bureau’s borrower information is contained …

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  • Understanding Your Home Insurance Policies And Customizing to Suit Your Needs


    Your home is the biggest asset that you’ll ever own. You put all of your money into your mortgage & spend thousands on new furniture and items for your family. It only makes good sense to cash a good insurance plan. There are different insurance plans available and we need to customizing the insurance plan to suit our individual needs. Please see the latest condo that we have here in Singapore.

    Lots of people decide that they just can not afford the insurance plan and are devastated when they are robbed or experience water damage or perhaps a fire in their home. They’re left to deal by themselves or relocating with relatives as they are left homeless.

    Having insurance plan will give you satisfaction understanding that your home and it is contents can be replaced if needed.

    When looking for an insurance plan, you need to remember the place that …

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  • Financial Bankruptcy May Deter Home Ownership Buyers from Refinancing

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    Home Ownership is one of the most important thing that families to at as it provide a stable environment for family members to grow. However, some owners may face financial hardship and might be on the verge of bankruptcy. Several think that filing intended for bankruptcy ruins the possibility that they will ever before own a home. Whilst getting approved for some sort of mortgage could be harder for those who include filed for bankruptcy, that is not an difficult task. Potential first-time housebuyers with filed for individual bankruptcy have the option involving obtaining a mortgage mortgage loan, though they probably may not have to get eligible for the particular lowest mortgage rates of interest.

    In order to get a clear knowing of their credit standing up before applying for home loan refinancing, homeowners can obtain a free credit statement. Credit reports list typically the debtors’ history of balances and …

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