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Slim Barracks Rise Condo at Singapore Buona Vista MRT Station

Slim Barracks Rise Condo at Singapore Buona Vista MRT Station

Slim Barracks Rise Condo is located in the heart of the vibrant entertainment and business districts of Singapore at One North. Slim Barracks Rise Condo is conveniently placed at the corner of Buona Vista Road and The Star Vista. Slim Barracks Rise Condo unique design of a penthouse overlooking the Buona Vista and the nearby skyline is truly a treat for the eyes. If you are looking for an exquisite lifestyle that combines traditional charm and contemporary comfort, then Slim Barracks Rise Condo is the perfect condominium to live in.

The Slim Barracks Rise Condos are conveniently built above the sky-scraper MRT station in the heart of Singapore’s entertainment district. Buona Vista MRT station is the main access point to the city’s shopping district and all major tourist attractions. Located next to some of the best restaurants, bars, and nightclubs in the city, Buona Vista MRT station is a convenient way to get around town. The residents of Slim Barracks Rise Condo enjoy easy access to all the places that they could want to visit in Singapore without having to hassle with taxis or public transport. In addition to that, all residents are given easy access to the city’s airport and other important locations within a short distance.

The Slim Barracks Rise Condo building has five units, each with its own luxurious rooftop pool and spacious terraces overlooking the beautiful Buona Vista and One North area. This luxurious living space comes with many features that are sure to impress visitors and residents alike. Each unit boasts of its own fully equipped kitchen, an extravagant marble swimming pool, and a state of the art security system. There are also ample parking spaces, as well as meeting rooms and banquet facilities within the complex. Slim Barracks Rise Condo Residents have a choice of two restaurants and bars in the area, as well as a high speed internet connection and round the clock room service.

Slim Barracks Rise Condo building offers residents the chance to indulge in a variety of recreational activities, all within walking distance of their Orchard Boulevard Condo luxurious elevators. Residents can attend events in the town below or even take a tour of the Buona Vista area. When the sun sets, so does the party, and Slim Barracks Rise Condo residents can enjoy a dinner at one of the many trendy restaurants in the vicinity. Outdoor activities such as hikes and beach parties can be organized easily with the help of the professional staff of Slim Barracks Rise Condo.

Slim Barracks Rise Condo is conveniently located in the middle of the busy Singapore River. This close proximity to the popular One North and Buona Vista makes it a popular residential complex for both Singaporeans and foreigners alike. Because the complex is located just steps from shopping malls and entertainment centres, residents are afforded an easy commute to all the best places in the city. Shopping is big business in Singapore at Buona Vista MRT Station, and Slim Barracks Rise Condo is home to many internationally renowned stores. Slim Barracks Rise Condo Residents can avail themselves of the major electronic shops as well as departmental stores.

Residents of Slim Barracks Rise Condo are never far away from the attractions of the city. In fact, they can easily find their way to any of the top tourist destinations through their direct access to the bus terminal and ferries. Slim Barracks Rise Condo gives them a very convenient means of transport, especially for those who need to visit foreign locations in the country. The ferries depart from the Sentosa Island, and they dock at the Pacific Ocean.

With all its advantages, it is not surprising that Slim Barracks Rise Condo has become a popular choice among the young and the old who are looking for a relaxed lifestyle at Buona Vista and One North near Star Vista Shopping Centre. The lifestyle of these residents is just like that of the locals of Singapore, only they have a little bit more space and freedom to indulge in a more lavish lifestyle. There are pools and gyms in every unit. Slim Barracks Rise Condo Residents can play tennis, swim, or simply relax on the spacious outdoor swimming pool near to Holland Village. There are also facilities for surfing and other water sports, as well as other types of socializing and entertainment activities.

Slim Barracks Rise Condo developments are fully furnished with high quality furnishings and appliances. There is even a fitness centre where Slim Barracks Rise Condo residents can hire personal trainers, engage in various workouts, and enjoy a variety of indoor and outdoor activities. The Slim Barracks Rise Condo management team is committed to making the residents feel at home, and they do their best to accommodate their diverse needs. All of these and more are what make Slim Barracks Rise Condos in Singapore such a great choice for people who are looking for a convenient, relaxing and affordable home away from home.

Slim Barracks Rise Condo is a very good example of a high end condominium that comes at an affordable price. This is a very new development in Singapore with all the modern conveniences of a top class residential community but at a much lower cost. There are many reasons why Slim Barracks Rise Condo have become such a hit in the Singapore real estate market. One is the location of the complex which is in the heart of Central Business District (CBD). From here, you can see the cosmopolitan nature of Singapore at work and enjoy the shopping and nightlife that it has to offer at Slim Barracks Rise Condo.

The Slim Barracks Rise Condo complex is also conveniently located next door to the popular shopping and entertainment venue of the mall. Buona Vista Shopping Mall is just a short distance away and when you get there, you will find a whole mall filled with international brands. In fact, Buona Vista Mall is one of the largest malls in Asia and is the most popular mall in the country. It caters for the taste of both conventional shoppers as well as those who prefer to shop in exotic locations. You will also find some of the finest restaurants in Singapore here.

One North Vista mall has four floors with more than a hundred shops spread over four zones. There are also over two hundred restaurants. Buona Vista is the home of MAC, one of the leading departmental stores in the world. Apart from the fine departmental stores, there is also a premium food hall and two fascinating nightclubs. All this is within walking distance from your Slim Barracks Rise Condo.

The Slim Barracks Rise Condo gives you all the facilities that you will require for a wonderful stay, right from spas to sports clubs. You can easily access your gym from your bedroom. You can also access the internet, pay for parking, and get an accommodation guarantee. This is not all as some other condominiums offer such additional services too.

Slim Barracks Rise Condo also offers facilities like health clubs, childcare centres, shopping centres and a business centre. There are ample recreational choices as well. There are many parks located close to your residence. You can easily take a morning walk or engage yourself in some outdoor activity like cycling. If you want to shop, then there are many malls and local centres nearby so that you can easily take a morning walk to do your shopping.

When you are looking for condos, you need to consider some factors before you choose Slim Barracks Rise Condo. First and foremost, decide on how much space you need and how much you can spend. Check out with your family members what kind of house they can afford and if they would feel comfortable living in such a house. You should also check out if any of your family members already resides in one of the Slim Barracks Rise Condominiums. Ask them to give you feedback on the quality of the house and how comfortable it is. Once you make up your mind, visit the condo and you will have everything to start with.


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