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Comfortable and Simple Home Interior Design For Your Family

Comfortable and Simple Home Interior Design For Your Family
Comfortable and Simple Home Interior Design For Your Family

Your Home is the single most important purchase that you can have and besides the location and price, interior renovation is also very important. The first thing is not to be overwhelmed with interior design, you’re the best designer for you, not the books of interior design, or even friends. Nobody knows better than you what you want and what really makes you feel comfortable. Do not get stressed, start small with one room. Let’s start with the bedroom where you spend little time the most important and must be calm, quiet, private space away from your world.

Take a notebook and a list of some of your favorite colors. Then place a few descriptive words next to each color on how you feel this color. (Ie red excited, angry, full of energy – Pacific Blue, calm, relaxed) and so on. The cheapest way to make a dramatic change to the room to paint the color of calm and quiet, with some excitement. You can use a wall, a smaller, for a contrasting color that will accent the room, the excitement you want. Make sure the paint is not toxic and can be easily cleaned.

The next step is to remove all accessories and to place it in a box in another room. You will choose one article at a later time to add a review with much more noticeable than you ever realized that you have. Let’s take a look at the bed. The cheapest way to get a new look to the head to change a head to add your bed into a bed or a padded platform bed. You can use the padded headboard to get good quality for less than $ 200, upholstered beds for less than $ 300 Skyline Furniture and there are sites that deal with this product. Skyline Furniture is a family owned and operated in the United States with a success story that spans several years. They make upholstered headboards and upholstered beds in many designs and fabric choices. You can also create a platform bed and you will soon look spectacular. They are more expensive and $ 800, but worth it if your budget is a little bigger.

A great way to make a head feels like a piece of furniture is to use a door. Find an old door at a flea market, thrift stores, salvage yard, or anywhere else you can for very little money. Sand and paint the door or keep it in the original old style for an extra charm and character. Make sure you remove button. When you’re ready to assemble, simply turn to the side (button) and attach to the wall. Next time you get an old door and pull it out in this simple do it yourself headboard idea.

Now that you have a freshly painted room and a headboard or a new bed, you can begin adding an accessory at a time back in the room of your box. Take your time with this process and make sure you really want the look of the accessory after he was placed. You should avoid clutter and to leave items in the box that does not really accent your new room. You can now look at the other rooms of your house to see if there are elements that a better explanation than that will make your mailbox. Items in your mailbox, and there should be, can be sold at a garage sale or donation.

Interior decoration in a while, a concept or a task left to the interior design is. But because people nowadays more and more aware, and to the interior side of their homes, many homeowners are in the application of technical furniture and procedures required. Home or home decoration, like the misconception of people long ago, not expensive and does not require a diploma or certificate in the discipline.

In general, the idea is to go behind the interior design for the university or go out of simple ones. Designed as an internal and comfortable, with a house really needs to be equipped with the most expensive equipment and facilities. Remember, the basic idea of ​​interior decoration and functional benefits. It is set mainly on aesthetics and beauty of the house.

The interior housing can be as easy as one, two, three. Here are some practical solutions and simple, like the interior of your house can be improved and strengthened. One free up space. Taking unnecessary items and equipment. Old equipment is obsolete or useless has been retired.

2 The storage room is the room for decorations that are not in season or day. Christmas decorations should be kept, it was March.

3 Make the home spacious by freeing from useless materials and equipment. Large sofa and the table is a no-no room in the house when you were limited.

4 Sit down all of the figurines and picture frames, the deflection of the atmosphere and scared them, instead of awing and fun too. These are old style, modern furniture go to show less. Less than full time.

5 Consider replacing carpets, or paste it into the living room when no one exists. That would be to create a cozy atmosphere.

6 The kitchen must be clean and well lit, because it is the most important areas in the house. It was still dark to light colors, one for a delicious atmosphere of the painting.

7 The bathroom should still be spacious. Remember, the function is used, more aesthetic.

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