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  • 6 Condos in Singapore with Unique Conserved Buildings

    Singapore condos are quite amazing. In addition to the facilities, there could be a historic landmark lurking within the unique developments in Singapore. Here are six existing condominiums incorporating preserved buildings within the complex. Some become clubhouses and common areas, while others become beautiful homes for a lucky few.

    The Red House

    Located on the Katong heritage site, The Red House is an iconic red store that many Singaporeans have fond memories of, as it was home to the acclaimed Katong Bakery and Confectionery from 1925 to 2003. Unfortunately, the kitchen of pastry no longer exists. But the iconic country house has been preserved and rebuilt into an improvement in the retail living arrangement with 42 condo units and a retail wing. The Red House part of the apartment suite has three units; Aside from the 2-bedded units within an attached 5-story obstacle, there are ten 613-829-square-foot units on the second floor of the stores and four space units on the second floor of the original red house. It is situated in the center of a central point of a movement that, however, has a calm and relaxed atmosphere.

    A Treasure Trove

    A Treasure Trove is worked with Matilda’s preserved house, the main remaining historical house in Punggol, as her clubhouse. The house was made in 1902 by Alexander Cashin.  But in 2000, the Urban Redevelopment Authority saw enough historical value at Matilda House to designate it for preservation. The site, including the home, was made available for purchase in 2010 for an apartment suite upgrade. A Treasure Trove is a moderately new upgrade located just a five-minute walk from Waterway Point and Punggol MRT Station.
    Duchess at St. Patrick’s

    It has two Victorian-style cottages that were developed in 1914 and 1925, but the condo itself was completed in 2010. The bungalows have been incredibly restored, with details, for example, window details from Peranakan Arabesque glass and vintage brass handles. The larger of the two cottages is now the apartment suite clubhouse, while the other now converts to two super stylish 5-bedroom, 6,958 square feet. Since then, units have been leased for around $ 11,000 per month! Notably, the upgrade is organized within 1 km of reputable schools, including Ngee Ann Primary and Tao Nan Primary. A big draw for potential buyers of this apartment suite is the upcoming Marine Terrace MRT, which will provide residents of Grand Duchess in St. Patrick’s with MRT at the door.

    Tan Chin Tuan Mansion

    This modern condo incorporates a sizeable Victorian mansion originally inherent in 1926.  The villa was aboriginally worked for the late philanthropist Tan Kah Kee. It was later offered to the late Tan Sri Tan Chin Tuan, a prominent financier in the region. Today, the mansion is filled as the clubhouse and living room of the ultra-modern apartment suite that is associated with it. Meanwhile, the estate is magnificently restored, maintaining its outstanding architectural and configuration details, such as its teak doorways and paneling, as well as Art Noveau-inspired terrazzo tiles. The ceiling of the room above the patio features beautiful plaster cornice work. Situated as an extravagant living arrangement, Tan Chin Tuan Mansion only has 16 units, and each group occupies an entire floor. It is within walking distance of the Orchard shopping center, one of the most important private neighborhoods in Singapore.

    The Aristo @ Amber

    Already owned by the Cashin family, the preserved building at 23 Amber Road used to be nicknamed the “House of Butterflies,” so named because the back of the house had two folded extensions that looked like a pair of Butterfly wings. The wings were erased when the building was converted to a skyscraper condominium called The Aristo @ Amber, but the sheet metal and front yard have been preserved.

    Meyer Place

    Developed in the Chinese-Peranakan style, this preserved multi-story home within the Meyer Place condo is available to be purchased at the time of writing. The architectural features of the house are a secure gallery over the patio area and a three-story octagonal segment complete with a striking conical roof.

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  • Better Ways To Make Returns by Investing in Real Estate

    Investing in property is not an easy way to make money, but it can be lucrative with the right steps. You must be serious about understanding this company’s trade laws and making the right decisions. Basically, the whole process involves purchasing, owning, controlling, or selling/renting an immovable property with the intention of income in mind. Practice and perseverance in the cycle will teach you a lot. Yet backed-up by lessons learned by people who have already been there, it will be worth it. Below are some valuable ideas for investment in real estate if you are seriously considering going through it:

    It is the first in the task list, for whatever new environment you are moving through. Identify your desired location, and try enticing deals such as a lease/sale building or apartment. You have enormous leverage with today’s technology-the internet, local newspaper listings, agents, brokers, and other investors. Come up with a list, and mention the property price, size, and type. For the first time, this could be boring, but gradually you’ll be able to recognize the best offers.

    You don’t want to spend your money on all possible offers, of course. This is a ridiculous notion. Shortening the list calls for some action. For e.g., if you are looking to find an office room, you need to do some rounds on the available deals and inspect the premises. The place is a very critical thing to remember when making a real estate purchase. The land can still be changed but can never be transferred elsewhere. You always look at the market and compare property prices in your area of preference, making sure you know what your money will get you. You will be left with only a few good deals by the end of this phase.

    Reality shows on real estate investments imply that investors take immense risks buying and selling assets very quickly, making big profits. That is not absolutely correct. Most successful investors in real estate actually start tiny. They buy cheap assets that are priced below market value. After renovating and living in the properties for a while, they then sell those properties at a healthy profit. Another good choice is purchasing a home that already has tenants and continues to rent to the same tenants. Although small and low-risk investments may not sound so glamorous at first, they are the road to real wealth and a good passive income.

    No successful investors do invest entirely on their own. Either they seek courses or books produced by successful investors, or they take the time to actively search for successful investors that can help them. Networking is an important part of investing in real estate, as it helps you to learn from professionals who know how to invest.

    That’s to make sure the designs on paper are successful. Study the fundamentals of accounting, so that statements can be read easily and prices compared. Now, if this area seems to you to be pretty rough, you can employ an expert or maybe ask a friend who is experienced in this field. While planning the budget, make sure that you include everything from legal expenses, insurance charges, taxes, energy links, and don’t forget, including the price for future renovation and refurbishing.

    To succeed, you have to have a solid plan and achievable objectives. Spend time taking into account every facet of this business. Never take something for granted. Decide if the investment goals are for the short or long term. You should agree on each and pay for each property differently. Arms yourself with sound strategy and legal information so that you don’t come across unexpected surprises along the way.

    This is a business, and the reward is on your head. Using aggressive marketing tactics to do this in a shorter possible period. If you have a property for sale or for lease now, get the word out immediately. Through magazines, you can advertise, use posters, post flyers, and post on real estate websites. Know buyers won’t see the property right away, so you’d better have the correct marketing done.

    It is important when investing in real estate. This helps you to focus on your cash flow and see where things went well and to change the place where everything went wrong.

    If you have any concerns about investing in real estate, find someone who has expertise in this area to answer all of your concerns. You do want to make sure you’re a fair negotiator and don’t offer the requested price unless that’s essential. Seek to negotiate a better deal if this is the property in which you want to invest.

    For several decades now, investment in real estate has been attractive to investors. Most of the time, there’s money to be made depending on business conditions. The real estate market is one of the top property markets with real estate project yielding strong profits as there is always good demand in the city for flats/apartments.…

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  • Using Environmentally Materials For Home Renovation

    Using Environmentally Materials For Home Renovation

    Whilst you make the decision to renovate your home, it’s very clean to cognizance on upgrades that not most effective enhance the beauty, consolation and cost of your house which can be very environmentally pleasant as well. From the internal out, you can choose upkeep materials that do not damage the sensitive environment that nature has supplied. The fee of this type of maintenance can be slightly more than with conventional, artificial substances, but in the end, you will have created a domestic that is absolutely well matched with the surroundings that surrounds you.

    there are many businesses specializing in “green” (right for the surroundings) substances and renovations. you may locate those organizations on the net or frequently at your neighborhood building deliver organisation. these organizations promote only products that have now not been chemically dealt with. for example, you could discover indoors paints with very little VOCs (risky organic compounds). additionally available is insulation cloth that comes from recycled cotton, denim, bamboo or cork. anything your preservation desires, you could find just what you need for “green” living.

    Wood is an crucial a part of “inexperienced” renovations. look for timber that has been certified via the forest Stewardship counsel; this is an warranty that no fragile environments had been harmed within the harvesting of the trees. Many groups focus on the use of recycled constructing materials along with recycled wooden or plastics. consider – kitchen counters fabricated from recycled paper! “inexperienced” materials are durable, require little renovation, and look outstanding!

    you’ll don’t have any problem locating traditional building materials. for the reason that the general public are either ignorant of, or are not worried approximately, environmental problems, there is no shortage of conventional materials. “inexperienced” substances are harder to find except you recognize wherein to appearance. look into many net sites earlier than you purchase, and when travelling neighborhood shops, ask in particular for environmental safe materials. those materials aren’t best ecologically secure, however they’re hypoallergenic as well. in case you choose, you can renovate your complete domestic with “green” herbal materials.

    There are other ways to make the surroundings and your own home compatible. strive including herbal lighting through sun panels and skylights. Small, spherical holes can be introduced on your roof body to make room for these natural lighting fixtures wonders. Many organizations create sun panels for homes that look just like roofing tiles! the use of those techniques can substantially lower your electric powered bill.

    The usage of natural insulation, changing existing home windows with energy-efficient timber or twin-paned glass and the use of floors options from recycled glass will make a fantastic difference in how your property lives in harmony with the environment. Recycling and reuse is all-important! materials that would normally be discarded in a landfill are now being collected and re-offered to “inexperienced” minded domestic proprietors for maintenance initiatives.
    As we become more privy to the impact of our modern-day existence on the sensitive ecology of Planet Earth, more humans are turning to “green” renovations. unless we clearly commit to keeping the splendor and viability of our environment, it’s no longer the meek who will inherit the Earth, but the landfills!…

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  • Elegance Design Makeover in Bathroom Using Marble Flooring

    Elegance Design Makeover in Bathroom Using Marble Flooring

    The wonder and elegance of pebble is certainly a favorite using homeowners. Marble bathrooms possess an ornate and luxurious feel that is the wise home addition due to the fact it can greatly enhance the value of your house, but many people are usually concerned about the repair and upkeep of the particular stone in a wet environment. In this post, we’ll consider the pros and negatives of using marble within your bathroom.

    Marble tiling may be the perfect choice for the formal master bath floors and wall. Since this specific is a natural merchandise taken from the world, there exists very little command in veining and colour variation. You will discover countless models, colors, surface textures, floor tile patterns, and edge specifics available. In addition there are more inexpensive faux marble tiles in addition to countertops available too. The particular stone is available within a quantity of hue variations such as white wines, black, yellows, reds, frothy neutrals, subtle earth colors, greens, tawny browns, and even even scarlet reds, and even will be either clouded or veined. The shades of marble can become combined with several types of highlights, borders and patterns in order to produce a dramatic result for your master suite bathtub.

    There are several easy tricks that you may use to achieve the particular illusion of space with out spending lots of money on more compact fixtures. Vertical lines put height into a room simply by drawing a persons vision upwards. Piece of art a vertical stripe or even using a similar picture pattern is also a wise decision. Another way to pull the eye upwards will be by lining the overhead of the ceiling along with a border. A very good idea is to position shelves on the wall surfaces near the ceiling in addition to fit lights underneath all of them. Lights, bathroom wall mirror and other reflective floors also add depth, breadth and length to the small room. Clear wash screens on your own shower enclosures, as opposed to funeste, gives the illusion associated with more room and light-weight.

    The color scheme which you use in small bath rooms is crucial. Light colored surfaces, floors and decor can easily make a room appear larger. Interesting ceiling outlines and soft colors aid enhance the mood. The real key to successfully creating typically the illusion of space is definitely keeping things simple. A new busy wallpaper pattern can make the room seem to be small and cluttered. In case you’re redoing a ceramic tile backsplash or installing a new tile floor, larger floor tiles create a sense associated with space too. As being a benefit, larger tiles will considerably reduce your installation period. If you are not sure about installing tiles in your own, then look at hiring bathroom contractors to accomplish the work for a person.

    If almost all of your tiny bathroom remodeling space is usually being taken up together with bulky fixtures and home furniture, then you may need to consider replacing these people with items scaled lower for small spaces. As opposed to keeping a vanity that will occupies valuable floor room, opt for a hovering cabinet and a grada or wall mounted kitchen sink. Yet , make sure that will you leave yourself together with enough storage space in order to keep the space tidy. Muddle can easily produce a little room seem even more compact. If your bathtub will be dominating your space, check into a corner tub, the freestanding unit or some sort of deep soaking tub.

    The particular cost to remodel bathing room tiles and countertops using marble is significant, so it is best to search out and about reputable bathroom contractors to be able to do the installation. Marbled is naturally porous, so it is essential that the appropriate sealants are used to be able to prevent damage. Countertops demand tile with greater durability and stronger glazes to be able to withstand moisture and yellowing. While marble is some what durable, most natural rock products are vulnerable to breaking, so it’s not a new good idea to employ marbles in bathrooms of which have a lot involving traffic or ones on a regular basis used by children.

    Following investing in beautiful pebble tile, you’ll want in order to be extremely careful along with maintenance. For day to be able to day cleaning, a lighting dusting with a publication will maintain marble’s sparkle and polish. Most installers will recommend a really slight soap and water remedy for cleaning, but always be sure to rinse along with clean water in order to avoid running and a milky deposit. Harsh chemicals and rough bathroom cleaners are absolutely to be avoided found in order to prevent damaging and dulling the area of the tile. Nevertheless , vinegar is marble’s most detrimental enemy. The acid acts using the calcium carbonate found in the stone and the particular result is etching of which completely defaces the top.

    Marbled bathrooms can create the sense of luxury of which few other materials could achieve. This elegant jewel does require careful servicing, but it’s a residence addition investment that is definitely worth every penny. Along with the obligation care, marbled will put in a richness in addition to opulence to your residence yet produce an atmosphere of spa-like relaxation. The timeless attractiveness of marble will generally look perfect in virtually any decor.…

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  • Midtown Modern Newest Condo in 2020 by Guocoland at Tan Quee Lan Street

    Midtown Modern Newest Condo in 2020 by Guocoland at Tan Quee Lan Street

    The recent new launches are far away from the core city centre but there is a new development that is located right next to it. Midtown Modern is a development located in the Bugis District 07 and close to the Bugis MRT Station at Tan Quee Lan Street. Therefore, thanks to its central location, right at the city’s heart, the region enjoys a high level of human traffic. Furthermore, this area is filled with numerous activities while simultaneously providing its inhabitants with a quiet area to get away from the vibrant activates of the city after a long day working. The development is iconic as it is located in the mature estate of Bugis where there are many shophouses available for your family to choose from.If you have a family, you are in luck as you can easily access facilities as well as the amenities found in the Midtown Modern. Therefore, you never have to worry about walking long distances as everything is right at your doorstep. The Midtown Modern Condo development is situated in the advanced Bugis estate, where you can find transformation and transport plans that are already operational. Bugis is located near Orchard Road, and you can easily access this location by going through Penang Road. Moreover, this area is near other popular destinations in Singapore, such as Raffles Place, Dhoby Ghaut, Marina Bay area, and Somerset. If you are a driver, this area offers you easy connectivity through the Central Expressway (CTE). Thus, in Midtown Modern, at the core of Bugis, you get the perfect balance between work and play.

    Midtown Modern Linked to Bugis MRT Station Guocoland

    Buyers looking to use public transport to Orchard will experience no hassle as the Midtown Modern are directly linked to the Bugis MRT Station. Typically, it will take you no more than 10 minutes to travel using the train to Somerset MRT Station and Orchard MRT Station, with this enough proof of how easy it is to move in this area. Additionally, traveling to the outer regions of Singapore like Changi Airport and Jurong East is a breeze thanks to the Expressways near Bugis.

    The developer for Midtown Modern is Guocoland. Recorded on the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited since 1978, GuocoLand Limited (“GuocoLand”) is a head provincial property organization with activities in the land markets of Singapore, China, Malaysia and Vietnam. In 2017, GuocoLand denoted its extension past Asia into the new markets of the United Kingdom and Australia through a key association with Eco World Development Group Berhad in Eco World International Berhad.

    Midtown Modern by Guocoland Established Developer with Track Record

    In Singapore, the Group has effectively evolved 36 private activities yielding roughly 11,000 condos and homes including Midtown Modern Condo. GuocoLand’s leader incorporated blended use improvement Guoco Tower, coordinates premium Grade A workplaces, a powerful way of life and F&B retail space, rich condos at Wallich Residence, the 5-star business lodging Sofitel Singapore City Center and an arranged urban park. It has likewise built up a sizeable arrangement of properties including signature developments like Midtown Modern spreading over the significant urban communities of Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing and Tianjin. The Group’s 68% possessed backup, GuocoLand (Malaysia) Berhad (which is recorded on Bursa Malaysia), is a set up property designer of network driven private townships and imaginative business and coordinated advancement extends in Malaysia.

    Midtown Modern by Guocoland Singapore Located at Bugis

    Headquartered in Singapore, the vital business exercises of GuocoLand and its backups (“the Group”) are property improvement, property speculation at Midtown Modern Bugis, inn tasks and property the executives, and it is centered around accomplishing adaptability, maintainability and development in its center markets. The Group’s portfolio includes private, cordiality, business, retail and coordinated improvements spreading over the locale. As at 30 June 2019, the Group’s all out resources added up to around $10.0 billion.

    Midtown Modern Ideal Property Due to Low Prices by Guocoland

    When looking for the ideal property, buyers of Midtown Modern Condo usually want an excellent mix of capital appreciation and perfect location. One of the crucial elements close to a school as this means the region is ideal if you are raising a family. Fortunately, Midtown Modern Condo is not only located close to the city’s core but also near schools, and this means you take less time traveling to and from school. Therefore, this means parents can spend more time at work as well as get more sleep without the fear of getting late.

    The most popular schools located close to Midtown Modern include;

    • Jcs Japanese Language School
    • Farrer Park Primary School
    • Stamford Primary School
    • St. Margaret’s Primary School
    • Queensfield International Business School Pte Ltd
    • Anglo-Chinese School (Junior)

    As a resident in the Midtown Modern, you get a wide assortment of schools to choose from that are right at your doorstep at Tan Quee Lan Street. Children centers and preschools are also present close to the Guocoland development, with this an ideal for your kids to enjoy themselves. Moreover, the city campus of the Singapore Management University is also close to the Midtown Modern, and here students looking to undertake a degree in education only need to take a short stroll from the Tan Quee Lan Street.

    Midtown Modern Near to Mosque Along Kampong Glam and Temples

    Somewhere else of love, the Sultan Mosque (or Masjid Sultan) near to Midtown Modern location is situated in the Kampong Glam locale near to Midtown Modern Guocoland. This noticeable mosque, with its brilliant arches and a gigantic petition corridor, was recorded as a national landmark in 1975 — and no big surprise, it isn’t just the most established mosque in Singapore, yet in addition one of the most great strict structures! Much the same as the Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho Temple, you can find a good pace excellence of the customary Muslim design. On the off chance that you need to visit however, ensure you do as such during the particular visiting hours — and do wear fitting dress!

    Midtown Modern Near to Churches and Educational Institutions

    When a Catholic community and school, Chijmes near to Midtown Modern location is presently home to extravagant eateries and bars frequented by many at Midtown Modern location. The nineteenth century complex looks great amidst the high rises encompassing it, so it’s no big surprise that it draws as a lot of consideration as it does. With a capacity corridor for occasions in the complex, Chijmes is a perfect joint to go be it for a pleasant supper or a night drink with companions.

    Midtown Modern Condo is an advanced estate situated close to the heart of the city center as well as a couple of healthcare institutions. Thanks to this, occupants in the Midtown Modern get to enjoy access to many private and public hospitals that satisfy all your different needs. Therefore, if you are looking to buy a house in the Bugis area, do not hesitate as you have access to a broad range of healthcare facilities right next to the Bugis Tan Quee Lan Street.

    The Raffles Hospital at Midtown Modern condo location stands out among the rest, and at this center situated adjacent to the Midtown Modern, you get access to a broad range of needs that includes specialist attention. Whereas it a tertiary hospital, the Raffles Medical Group operates numerous clinics across different regions of Singapore, with Raffle Hospital, the group’s flagship. Here, you have access to several services such as angiography suites, operating theaters, neonatal intensive care units, intensive care units, delivery suites, as well as day surgery.
    Midtown Modern location also boasts other hospitals, including KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital, Mount Elizabeth Hospital, Farrer Park Hospital, and Gleneagles Hospital. Therefore, as a resident of this development, you never have to worry about access to medical services.

    Midtown Modern Located near to Downtown Bugis

    Bugis Street near Midtown Modern is Singapore’s most famous territory, with a striking history for sure near to Midtown Modern. Pre-WWII, it was a hotspot for Japanese whores. From the 50s until the 80s, the region got well known worldwide for its daily assembling of transwomen, who hung out around the zone and were later deified in the film Bugis Street (1995). It’s currently a prime goal for sightseers and local people the same, on account of its finished history and shopping spots. Here’s our guide on the best way to value the craftsmanship and legacy of Bugis in the most ideal manner conceivable.

    Found right in the core of Bugis and continually overwhelmed with customers for Midtown Modern Tan Quee Lan Street, because of the various stores taking into account all preferences, this is an unquestionable requirement visit spot, when you get off at the Bugis MRT station. It’s one of the more stylishly satisfying shopping centers on account of its joining of open air and advanced indoor shopping center design, protecting the historical backdrop of the region uncommonly well. Hope to see bistros, boutiques and whatever else that will make you excited.

    Midtown Modern

    An exceptionally mainstream housetop bar in the core of Singapore Midtown Modern location, Loof Bar is known for its Southeast Asian-enlivened mixed drinks just as elegantly adorned space near to Midtown Modern location. With its garish neon signs that appear to spring up on Instagram all over, Loof Bar presents a stylish setting as well as first class drinks too. Drink in the casual vibes Loof is known for, and unwind with your companions at this interesting yet comfortable night joint.

    There are such huge numbers of spots in Midtown Modern Bugis that will keep your day involved in the most ideal manner. With all these inside strolling good ways from Bugis MRT Station right beside Midtown Modern, accommodation is one more advantage! There’s actually no reason for not to look at these main 12 things and to flavor up your Bugis experience. You’re certain never to take a gander at Bugis a similar way again.

    Bugis road advertise in Singapore is an asylum for nourishment darlings and offers a variety of various foods which are scrumptious, and simultaneously, esteem for cash. The alternatives are perpetual with Thai, Chinese, Vietnamese, Indonesian and other Asian joys. The crepes, hotcakes, chicken cleaves, noodle soup, Hakka yam cake, Kaya balls are a portion of these mouth-watering indulgences. An unquestionable requirement attempt following a long and tiring day of shopping is Thai Ice Milk tea and Thai Ice Lemon Grass at Midtown Modern location which will give you the much-required refreshment. Bugis road nourishment slows down make certain to give you an extraordinary gastronomical encounter which will be one of the features of your outing to this occurrence place. Bugis Street eateries have an alternate vibe out and out, so come here to encounter this.

    Midtown Modern Near to Historic Religious Places

    This is a Buddhist sanctuary close to Midtown Modern Bugis road in Singapore which goes back to 1884 and is worked in the common Chinese style of engineering. One of the most visited sanctuaries in the city, it is accepted that the desires of the admirers are satisfied subsequent to supplicating at this spot. The primary god is Cundi Bodhisattva meaning the God of Mercy. Consistently upon the arrival of Chinese New Year, the sanctuary is open for the entire night and a long line of individuals can be seen who come here to ask and begin the year on a favorable note.

    Haji path is a limited road near Midtown Modern Guocoland which is settled in a side of Bugis road and is a concealed diamond. The area is with the end goal that you can without much of a stretch miss entering this cool spot. A beautiful road which is lined on the two sides by boutiques, bistros, bars and diners and best of all, every one of them are enlivened with painted wall paintings in different shades. You will locate the best of eateries offering some nearby and inventive delectables near to Midtown Modern Condo by Guocoland. The shops are …

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  • Ideal Table Top Materials for your Family


    Quartz tabletops are becoming more popular among many homeowners. However, due to a large number of quartz tabletops available in the market and each brand having a unique finishing, patterns, and even quality, choosing the right tabletop and of a reasonable price can be a challenging task, particularly for the first time buyers. A right buying guide, therefore, becomes of great value by helping not only the new buyers but also the experienced buyers make better decisions. In this detailed guide, you will find everything of significance in helping you make the right buying decision.

    What is Quartz?
    Engineered quartz (AKA quartz) is human-made quartz and is attained by mixing up the Quartzite with other materials. While the Quartzite is a naturally occurring substance, the engineered quartz comprises approximately 90% of natural quartz and 10% of pigments and resins. Quartz has a wide variety of uses, particularly in the interior design decorations, due to the following properties.
    • Powerful hence it is scratch proof and dent-resistant
    • Minimal or no environmental impacts since it is naturally available and abundant in supply. Moreover, quartzite is a non-toxic product and also the end product, the quartz.
    • Very durable hence can serve you many years without wear and tear.
    • Multiple colour varieties, textures and patterns
    • More innovative brands are emerging with more unique and vibrant colour options, unlike the previous brands, which had only neutral shades and colours.

    Granite is a naturally occurring igneous rock and has a coarse texture. In the same way as the quartz, it is commonly used in the manufacture of flooring and counter tops. Although these two elements may have a similar appearance, there are numerous considerable differences between the granite and a quartz tabletop.

    Granite Quartz
    Colours : Artificial colours. Natural colours
    Heat resistance : Beyond average High
    Scratch resistance: :Great High
    Bacteria free : Great results Average performance.
    Chip resistance : Average performance High
    Non-porous (Free from absorbing moisture): Certainly
    Periodic sealing : Not required Necessary

    The solid surface, just like the Quartz tabletop, is also a popular high-quality choice for tabletops. It has many uses, especially that it is made up of polyester resins. If high quality manufacturing standards are met, it becomes almost impossible to differentiate it with natural tabletops such as those made from Quartzite. Although the Solid surface tabletop is meant to mimic the Quartz counterparts, they have some shortcoming that makes them less than the Quartz tabletops.
    Quartz Solid Surface
    Colours mostly neutral shades: Artificial colours; Man-made colours
    Heat resistance : Above average ordinary performance
    Scratch resistance : Great performance Average performance
    Non-porous: Certainly : Surely
    Chip resistance : Above average. Great
    Periodic sealing : Not necessary. Not required
    Bacteria resistance : Extraordinary excellent. Below average

    Where can you use Quartz in your homes?

    Quartz Kitchen Counter top. There are several reasons why Quartz is so prevalent in the manufacturing of kitchen counter tops such as
    • Requires little or no maintenance at all
    • Easy to clean and does not support bacteria growth even in watery conditions hence maintaining good hygiene in your kitchen
    • Suitable for large kitchens, thus facilitating the cleaning process due to Scratch-resistant nature.
    • Non-porous, and this means it cannot absorb any form of liquid such as cooking oil, among other cleaning liquids hence keeping it from discoloration.
    • It does not get damaged by stains, spots, and spills, which would otherwise make it lose the stone appearance.
    • Very durable and functional as long as you don’t make cracks on it.

    However, the only main shortcoming of Quartz surfaces is that it can be slippery, and therefore some particular type of quartz surface such as those with polished finish should be installed on the stepping floor hence preventing slipping.

    Popular Quartz Brands.
    The Arkstonez Quartz.
    Arkstonez is among the leading quartz brand in Singapore. It offers the best blend of functionality and form, thus ensuring a perfect aesthetic appearance in a home without necessarily giving it its high quality. It has a very flexible surface hence making it easy to customise to any design and shapes you want

    Caesar stone Quartz.
    Best known for envelope design. It has been in the market for more than 35 years. It is a combination of various high performance and decorative materials. They are also made using the most recent technology to ensure the best quality while maintaining the best colour combinations.

    Concetto collection.
    This Concetto Quartz comes with some semi-precious stones such as the methyst and dumortierite and is mainly used in table decoration. Such distinctive features make this collection one of the unique tabletop you can ever find. It has a translucent surface and extraordinary interior design, which gives it a luxurious appearance.

    Classico collection.
    It comes with numerous textures and colours, such as bright and vibrant colours thus making it an ideal tabletop for multiple uses.…

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