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  • Canninghill Square Former Liang Court situated at River Valley Road by City Developments Limited and Capitaland


    Canninghill Square is a new development; situated in the center of River Valley by City Developments Limited (CDL). Three vital organizations have collaborated to redevelop the Liang Court project into coordinated developments. The new improvement Canninghill Square will be coordinated advancement that is found right close to Singapore River. The proposed bargain is by CDL Hospitality Trusts (CDLHT), and Canninghill Square will be a grand improvement found apt in the center of the city. Liang Court is present in a superb zone with a twofold facing pined to confront the Fort canning slope and Singapore River. Canninghill Square redo gives City Developments Limited a valued chance to build an upmarket, high-rising riverfront private improvement that accompanies surprising points of view on the Singapore River and the Downtown center zone.

    Canninghill Square incorporated advancement’s business units will associate with Clarke Quay, offering tenants the solace of top-notch F&B and retail outlets …

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  • Drain Cleaner That is Earth Friendly

    Drain Cleaner That is Earth Friendly

    Drains in a house get clogged, either from debris that has been flushed or from tree roots that have grown into the main line of the household sewage system. Regardless of the severity of the clog, homemade drain cleaner can be made easily and tried first before resorting to more expensive means. Please also see the latest development at Phoenix Residences.

    Why Drains Get CloggedSometimes a drain will get clogged because too much grease or fatty debris has been poured down the drain and the grease has congealed once it has cooled. Other times a drain becomes clogged because debris has bunched up in the pipe or in the case of main sewer lines, tree roots have grown into the pipes, causing blockages.

    Simple Steps to Unclog a Blocked DrainIt is wise and time savi

    Drain Cleaner That is Earth Friendlyng to start with the easiest way to unblock a …

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  • Ways to Do It Yourself For Your Kitchen and Bathroom

    I’ve worked at Latitude for over 6 years and finally, my family and I decided to replace our laminate countertops with granite countertops. For a long time, we weren’t able to afford or take the time to upgrade our kitchen and bathrooms. But after almost 20 years of living in the same house, it was time. As with most home renovation projects, it started with one thing that we wanted to replace – the toilets (they were gross and the ceramic was yellow) – but became a large, all encompassing project. Our thought that was since we’re replacing the toilets, we should replace the bathtub and the sinks so they’d all be white. The bathtub and tiles also needed to go; they had mildew and were gross. Well, if we were changing the sinks, might as well change the countertops. If we were changing the bathroom countertops, we should change …

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  • Choosing The Right Home Security Camera and Door to Protect Your Family

    To protect your family, renovations on home security is needed. Home security camera systems can be a good way to monitor your surroundings, however, the options available on a home security camera can be frustrating to sift through in order to find the best system for your needs. People have different reasons for wanting a home security camera in place. There are those that find a security system necessary in order to be a more participating entrepreneur, while others feel like they need the benefit of a home security camera. Whatever your reasons, all security systems can be costly, so make sure to sit down and assess your budget before investing in camera for personal or professional use.

    The first kind of home security camera is known as a dome camera. Obviously, this camera comes in the shape of a dome and it fits conveniently on the ceiling of your …

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  • Simple Ways To Renovate Your House to Make it Show Room Ready

    Your property is the single most important asset that you can have and therefore we should renovate and design the property. So, you’ve decided to put your house up for sale and move on to pastures new? Well, firstly, congratulations are in order! But, secondly, it is important to remind you that the hard work starts now. Before the financial crash back in 2009, the property market was relatively buoyant and moved quickly, nowadays, it is not that easy, and you have to make your house stand out on the market. Fortunately, doing so could be relatively straightforward, as long as you follow these three simple rules:

    This may sound a little simple, but you’d be surprised. If you have bold, bright colours on your wall, then this may detract certain buyers, making them less likely to come for a second viewing or even purchase the property.

    Likewise, if your …

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  • Comfortable and Simple Home Interior Design For Your Family

    Your Home is the single most important purchase that you can have and besides the location and price, interior renovation is also very important. The first thing is not to be overwhelmed with interior design, you’re the best designer for you, not the books of interior design, or even friends. Nobody knows better than you what you want and what really makes you feel comfortable. Do not get stressed, start small with one room. Let’s start with the bedroom where you spend little time the most important and must be calm, quiet, private space away from your world.

    Take a notebook and a list of some of your favorite colors. Then place a few descriptive words next to each color on how you feel this color. (Ie red excited, angry, full of energy – Pacific Blue, calm, relaxed) and so on. The cheapest way to make a dramatic change to …

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  • Reasons Not To Do a DIY Roof Replacement When Choosing a New Roof

    Our Real Estate Property is one of the most important thing when it comes to investment but there are times where we need to do some maintenance to our development when the property becomes old and need replacement. Usually, there are heavy cost involved so some owners decided to take renovation into their own hands in an effort to save on renovation cost. There are many different roofing options available for homes, and whether you are replacing an old roof or completing a new property, you will need to think carefully about what materials you want to use, the type of weather the roof will be exposed to, potential fire risks and of course your budget.

    The roof of your home can be very vulnerable in the event of a fire, and your home insurance may include higher premiums if you have a high risk roofing material such as wood …

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  • Upgrading Your Home Kitchen And Outdoor Space When Staying At Home

    Now that we’re spending greater time interior to comply with live-at-home orders and even lockdowns in some regions, here are some ideas that allows you to improve your out of doors space so you can absorb a lil’ bit more sunshine or truly revel in the nightlife simply out of doors your the front door.

    A hammock or any swinging chair is a easy manner to update your outdoor. They absorb less space, and there are plenty of designs and patterns to select from as a way to paintings in nearly any setting. it’s also a brilliant preference in case you need to obtain that beachy vibe the usage of a decorative accessory. whether you placed it for your porch, terrace, or patio, a hammock’s clean swinging movement is calming and it can be a chilled manner to quit your day.

    Increase your outdoor area via putting in a fire …

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  • What Not To Do When Search For Your Property

    There is a long list of things that people need to do when they are looking to buy a home; however, it is also important for people to know what to avoid as this process unfolds. There is a lot for people to remember and it is easy for people to get carried away when they start looking at their dream homes. Even though it is great to look at a bunch of houses and imagine living there, it is critical for people to stay grounded and know what to avoid.

    One of the biggest mistakes people make when they are looking at buying a home is they open their wallets too big. If people end up taking on other big purchases, they end up accruing more debt. This is going to mess up their debt to income ratio and will make it harder for people to qualify for a …

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  • Best Tips To Look For When Starting To Purchase a Property

    Property investment is the single most important thing that buyers can look at as it is a huge commitment. There are many factors to look at and buyers might be overwhelmed. When starting with property purchasing, you almost certainly have a good deal of questions floating about in your thoughts. You likely feel lost when studying the files connected with creating a buy, also. To get a safe property transaction, you need to locate a trusted agency. This could enable you to prevent frauds and be certain that you are paid.

    Before beginning searching for a house to purchase, understand what you are able. There are lots of affordability calculators on the internet that take different factors into consideration, but they’re still only recommendations. You might rather invest somewhat less on a house payment to ensure one partner could stay home with children, or you may want to go a …

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