IKEA x SPRIDD brings music and youth culture into the home

IKEA x SPRIDD brings music and youth culture into the home

Raw, expressive, melodramatic, offbeat – these are the qualities that make up the limited edition IKEA x SPRIDD collection, umpired by British designer Kit Neale, who also heads a namesake designer clothing label. When asked about the series, he speaks with clarity of its intent: “The inspiration is this exploration of youth culture and music and the styles that go with it, and how they could be brought into a home interior setting. One of the other elements is this sense of being free and nomadic.”


Kit Neale


It’s true; the statement the collection aims to make is loud and visible in its furniture and apparel. Designs are influenced by four different artworks interpreted from music styles. The colours are electric, the patterns eccentric. The SPRIDD duffle bag ($19.90) is a boldly patterned, washable, cotton drawstring carry-on, secure and well equipped with various pockets for convenience. Meanwhile, for a gorgeous sateen-woven bedlinen in cotton with lyocell and a 205-thread count, the SPRIDD quilt cover ($39.90) set includes 2 pillowcases and the promise of sweet, serendipitous slumber after a long day on foot.



In delirious revelry of heydays, the prints truly are a voyage of their own, as they also extend across cushion covers, lampshades, tents, T-shirts, mugs, rugs, and more.  It’s a journey to the centre of a part of our universe that prides itself for its celebration of travel and transition. SPRIDD seeks to make our fast-paced lives expeditious and breathable, with a heavy dose of whimsical fun to go.



The limited edition SPRIDD collection is available at both IKEA Alexandra and Tampines, whilst stocks last.


Text Odette Yiu

Images IKEA