Sekai No Owari on enjoying life's little moments

Sekai No Owari on enjoying life's little moments

SF It’s no small honour to be continually hailed as one of Japan’s most popular exports. In demand here, as it is elsewhere around the world, the quartet of Sekai No Owari, whose moniker reads as, “end of the world”,has clinched top billing with a transcendentally quirky image that’s backed by a spectrum-defying array of sounds. Spoken for by the likes of EDM crown prince Nicky Romeroand hip-hop luminary Dan The Automator, Nakajin, Fukase, Saori, and DJ Love have a three-album payload to unleash at any live showing. Before they unspool it at their upcoming appearance here on our shores, the band members answer our questions.



Hey guys! What’s got you excited about your return to Singapore?

DJ LOVE: We love Singapore – so happy to be back here! It’d be great to go back to the restaurant we went last time that serves crabs!


How’s progress on your English-language album?

Nakajin: We’rein the middle of production right now. Stay tuned!


You’ve worked with artists such as Nicky Romero, Dan The Automator, Owl City and Clean Bandit. How have those experiences been?

Nakajin: It is so stimulating to work with internationally recognized artists. We have such meaningful times with them.


You’d previously told us that The Offspring’s Americana is a favourite album of yours. Why?

DJ LOVE: I first heard the album back in high school. Not only is it nostalgic for me, but I still get chills from its pop melodies.


With more artists singing in English, the Japanese music scene is definitely changing. How do you feel about this?

Fukase: I think it’s wonderful to have various genres of music and expression.



“Anti-Hero” is a fan-favourite. What is the story behind the song?

Nakajin: The original idea for the riff is something I kept in my stock for over 10 years. I knew it would go well with this song and it has become an important part of it.


DJ LOVE, it’s known that you’re a fan of comedy. What is your favourite comedy show?

DJ LOVE: I like what people call ‘dirty’ comedy, but lately, I’ve been watching films by the director Koki Mitani on Netflix. Also, I like to watch car-related shows like Top Gear and The Grand Tour on Amazon Prime.


What's been the best part of your journey as a band so far?

Fukase: I keep in mind to always fully enjoy the moment. To answer the question, I’d say that the best part of being in this band is the present moment.


Lastly, what are your hopes for 2017?

Saori: I want it to be full of memories, and I would be so happy to travel to different countries to meet our fans.


Catch Sekai No Owari live at The Coliseum on March 5. For more information and to purchase tickets, visit


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