Jasmine Sokko drops dreamy second single, “H2O”

Jasmine Sokko drops dreamy second single, “H2O”

After creating an impressive social media stir with her debut, electro-pop singer-songwriter and producer Jasmine Sokko hits hard once again with her second single, “H20”.



Produced by electronic experimental producer YLLIS, who produced Sokko’s LOST-inspired debut single, “1057”, listeners are once again treated to Sokko's emotion-dripping vocals, this time with a slow-burning composition that reels listeners in before electronic sounds collide at the halfway mark. 


Teasing details in the days leading up to the release, Sokko says, “This one’s to all the things that could have been, should have been and would have been but they just didn’t happen”.


Listen to "H20" below:





Text Trent Davis

Images Jasmine Sokko