Disco Hue tackles plastic lifestyles with Akeem Jahat in "Plastic Hearts"

Disco Hue tackles plastic lifestyles with Akeem Jahat in "Plastic Hearts"

After almost a year of relentless performances following the release of their debut EP, Arcade, Disco Hue is back with a fresh new single to add to their retro repertoire. With Singaporean rapper Akeem Jahat jumping in on “Plastic Hearts”, the single and music video cement the quartet’s pastel-hued take on synth-pop, while also venturing into unfamiliar sonic territories.



Directed by THIEVVES Productions, the visual arm to band member Zie’s musical side project, the music video piles on throwback imagery to old-school consoles, Barbie dolls and Care Bears, and other childhood accoutrements, laying down a flirtatious, paradisiacal vision to the song’s lush electronic soundscape. Despite its cotton-candy sound and visuals, vocalist Sherlyn’s lyrics hold a pointed message, exploring the concept of unattainable beauty in an increasingly plastic, digitised world. And, while a collaboration with Jahat may sound strange on paper, the Woodlands rapper ties up the song’s bridge seamlessly with his effortless rhymes, demonstrating that synth-pop and rap, at least in the Singaporean context, can be done without the stereotypical cheese.



Watch Disco Hue perform “Plastic Hearts” live for JUICE Sessions below:



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