Chat: Trus'me

Chat: Trus'me

We’ve always been happy to put our trust in Mancunian producer David James Wolstencroft, which is why we were especially psyched to hear that he was coming back to Singapore for a set at The Vault’s cozy second storey space. And besides celebrating Trus’me’s long-anticipated return, we’re also celebrating the release of his even-longer-anticipated new album called Treat Me Right! Wolstencroft’s third full-length effort sees more colours plopped onto an ever-widening sonic palette, adding stronger hues of house and techno alongside his usual flair for funk and soul. Described as “anoligital”, Trus’me new style embraces the best sides of analogue process and digital production to create rich, tasteful tunes bursting with punchy warmth and deep originality. We caught up with the Prime Numbers boss to talk about the evolution of his approach.

What’s the biggest difference between the Trus’me of 2011 and the Trus’me of now?
An even wider taste in music than when I first started, which was already vast from a collectors point of view. Those eclectic interests were my downfall and also my calling card in the past, but I now have the ability to direct my taste into a particular soundscape. On the new LP you will hear a wide spectrum of styles but I feel they all fit under one hood, whether that be house or techno, I will leave that for the punters to decide.

It does sound a bit more techno-centric to us. How would you describe your approach to this record?
Visiting all these great modern clubs you are bound to be influenced but I would like to use the word ‘inspired’. The production side of the Trus'me sound caught up with DJ approach. I'm making records now that I can play in my sets at peak time while still keeping that long player approach. House and techno have always been an aspect in my sound but there is definitely a broader brush used on this latest release.

Treat Me Right comes about four years after In The Red. Why did this particular one take so long?
I needed inspiration, it's not like any other particular job where you just turn up and bush bash bosh. I needed that drive to produce something I was passionate about and it literally just took that long. I was concentrating on the DJ side of things, the label Prime Numbers and well my life. Standing still is just not me and I think this is evident in my shape shifting music and DJ sets.

Give us an update on your record label. What does 2013 hold in store for Prime Numbers?
Well firstly there’s the new LP by myself, the Trus'me remixed LP series and a new compilation EP with Truss, Adesse and Massiom Di Lenna called PN17. Plus we’ll also be releasing the first solo EP from our new star Adesse with a remix EP to follow from Fred P and XDB. Later in the year there will also be the sequel to the Trus'me remixed series. Lots and lots to come!

Nu-Vault presents Trus'Me (and Brendon P) at The Vault this Saturday, 2 March from 9pm onwards.

Look out for the full interview with Trus'Me in our forthcoming April issue!

Text Hidzir Junaini
Interview courtesy of Aligned Agency