Lily Depp Rose fronts CHANEL’s fresh new N°5

Lily Depp Rose fronts CHANEL’s fresh new N°5

CHANEL N°5 is one of the few fragrances that everyone knows, even if they’ve never smelt its scent. But all legends must make way for a new generation, and CHANEL N°5 L’EAU steps in as the more youthful and fun evolution of its predecessor, while injecting elements of sophistication and charm with components of its parent perfume. Fittingly, Lily Rose Depp – the daughter of A-list celebs Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis, the latter a spokeswoman for CHANEL – fronts the campaign in the footsteps of her mother to usher in what might be the new favourite fragrance for a millennial audience.



From the campaign’s video, the 17-year-old is seen strutting down the hallway of a mansion with a smirk carved in her face, evoking a certain level of mystery and giving off an air of luxury without being pristine, capturing the fragrance’s celebration of paradoxes and the campaign message, “You know me and you don’t.” While her young age hasn't stopped Depp from appearing in the fashion houses’ eyewear campaigns, donning CHANEL pieces for her red carpet appearances, and sitting front row at global Fashion Week shows, while also hitting the runway for Karl Lagerfeld, CHANEL N°5’s new iteration presents the starlet in a new, more obscure light, forcing audiences to question how well they know Depp, despite the media flurry surrounding her parents.



Speaking on her involvement in the short film, Depp confesses, “Never in my life did I think I would have a connection with N°5. I’ve grown up with the idea that CHANEL is the very top of the crop. To be honest, it’s all very surreal to me.”



Created by in-house perfumer, Olivier Polge, L’EAU combines the original’s beloved notes with a few bright touches. Dubbed as the modern woman’s CHANEL N°5, the fragrance opens with lemon, neroli and orange, forming a citrus immersion. The floral hint in the scent is made up of rose, jasmine and ylang-ylang, and grounded by a sensual base of white musk and cedar. The seductive notes of N°5 that culminated in its timeless celebration are still manifested, but the light floral and citrus top notes gives it a youthful twist.



Despite the fragrance’s fresh new face and composition, Depp suggests that the inclusion of the original scent’s notes is a reason L’EAU evokes both familiarity and excitement, explaining, “N°5 suits me because it’s warm and welcoming... it’s comforting.”Housed in the traditional, clear CHANEL bottle, this invigorating scent is worn freely from day to night, and offers a new signature of pure modernity.



From $165 (50ml) to $237 (100ml), available at CHANEL stores and counters islandwide.


Text Izza Sofia & Trent Davis