Diptyque and Antoinette Poisson collaborate for a sensory Parisian affair

Diptyque and Antoinette Poisson collaborate for a sensory Parisian affair

Paris, France – home to some of the most renowned works of art, from classic paintings like da Vinci’s Mona Lisa to sculptural masterpieces like Rodin’s The Thinker. This Valentine’s Day, Parisian perfumer diptyque and studio Antoinette Poisson – known for its hand-printed Domino paper and long-forgotten wallpaper techniques – proudly unveil their contribution to the scene through a stroke of creative, collaborative ingenuity: the limited edition Rosa Mundi collection.



The collection boasts two choices of candles ($55 for 70g and $110 for 190g), along with a wax and porcelain scented oval ($80), for your selection. Nestled within each product is a reminder of spring, calmly prepared to release upon you an experience that is sensual yet revitalising. The scent is crisp, delicate and fruity at first waft – think subtle lychee, blackcurrant, bergamot – but steadily deepens in intensity, staying true to the richness of roses. On the other side of the partnership, Antoinette Poisson’s Julie Stordiau, Vincent Farelly and Jean-Baptiste Martin’s designs for the products’ packaging exhibit the company’s visual virtuosity. Gentle greens and poised pinks weave together a tale of two roses, adding yet another dimension of finesse to the collection.



In the same vein of flora, the Eau Rose solid perfume ($75) features as a new addition to diptyque’s permanent collection. Crafted to precision, the process behind its creation is complex and tedious, a nod of earnest respect towards the meticulous art of traditional perfumery. Alternatively, gift a bottle of the functional fragrance, Eau Dominotée ($140), suitable for both skin and fabric. Also in the collection is Eau Rose EDT ($170), Eau Rose Roll-on (S$75) and Eau Rose Hand Cream ($55).



Indulge your senses. Fall in love at first sight with Antoinette Poisson. Say “I do” to diptyque’s vow of an olfactory sensation. After all, Paris is the city of love!


The collection is in full bloom and available at escentials Paragon and escentials TANGs at Tangs Plaza.


Text Odette Yiu

Images diptyque