Cirque Le Soir returns to CÉ LA VI for a spellbinding Halloween freak show

Cirque Le Soir returns to CÉ LA VI for a spellbinding Halloween freak show

Circuses tend to be pretty scary places, even when they’re not trying to be – just think of the carnivorous big cats, twisted contortionists, unsettling music, and clowns (somehow the happy ones are far more frightening than Stephen King’s It). So when a circus troupe sets out to really make you shudder, you know you’re bound for a hell of a ride. After triumphantly putting chills and thrills into revellers last year, London’s award-winning boutique club, Cirque Le Soir, returns to CÉ LA VIthis Halloween to take theatrical oddities to sky-high heights.



A roving carnival act that found its start in the heart of London in 2009, Cirque Le Soir (or “Circus of the Night”) is all Elsa Mars of American Horror Story: Freak Show could have hoped for her close community of undesirables: bringing the freaky fantasy to a global audience. Having taken the show on the road to destinations that include Dubai and Shanghai, and performed for A-listers like Leonardo DiCaprio, Madonna, Rihanna and Kanye West, Cirque Le Soir isn’t your typical house of curiosities.



Transforming CÉ LA VI into a thrilling carnival last year, the club’s Marina Bay Sands rooftop abode will once again elevate the big-top experience with a list of new acts, from Jo’s body-burning execution, extreme drumming and sword-swallowing displays by Marcus Wolschke and Julietta, and fire-dancing dramatics by Ginger and Valentina, as well as exotic dancers, fearless acrobats and – you guessed it – clowns. While there are reports of a “killer clown” epidemic sweeping the U.K. and U.S., those of you with coulrophobia (that’s geek speak for a fear of clowns), come face your fears with the jubilance of entrancing entertainers, showstopping music, and curious concoctions.



Of course, when entering a dark, twisted world of Cirque Le Soir, partygoers musn’t break the fantasy by coming underdressed. To make sure nobody looks out of place in the freak show, guests will arrive in full Halloween get-up, with the best-dressed of the night standing a chance to walk away with a bottle of Magnum D Ruinart champagne by uploading their costume to Instagram with the hash tag #CLVhalloween. If there was ever a time to let your freak flag fly, this is it.



Cirque Le Soir takes place at CÉ LA VI on October 29, 9pm till late. Tickets are $48 for online pre-sale and $68 at the door, price inclusive of one premium pour. For more info, visit


Text Trent Davis

Images CE LA VI