Ray-Ban's Chromance collection shows the world in all-new colours

Ray-Ban's Chromance collection shows the world in all-new colours

By now, the rave over VR tech has swept over us; from mind-boggling disbelief to hilarious body gags, a visually more exciting world excites the eyes and puts our minds on the edge. Similarly, the colors that Ray-Ban’s Chromance collection brings back to our lives challenges virtual reproduction. Ultimately, nothing beats what is already here – Chromance simply gives you the opportunity to light it all up, like one big Christmas tree of every sprawling mountain range, cloudless blue sky, steel-glass empire and loved one, for each moment in time.



Maximsing contrast to enhance details, the Chromance line combines advanced anti-reflective treatments and polar filters, fine-tuning light as it passes through to amp up saturation and your vision potential. Reflecting the clearest version of the world out of a Lo-fi filter, free of harmful UV rays, glare and reflections, Chromance is a companion for the modern explorer, opening your eyes to a whole new world of colour, where dusty reds, dull blues and dim greens rupture into a spectrum of brighter and clearer hues.



Packing on a hydrophobic and coloured gradient mirror lens coating, these high performance sunnies are suitably adapted to the great outdoors and bustling urban centers, possessing both street style and field sensibilities. Frames you might find familiar draw inspiration from Ray-Ban’s original Wayfarer, Predator and Aviator. Designed for dynamism with improved peripheral tracking, these striking frames are as lightweight, high impact and flexible as ever.


Available at all authorised retailers. For store locations, visit www.ray-ban.com/singapore.


Text Sam Chua

Images Luxottica